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As someone who has experience and expertise (that’s YOU!), showing up and showing off your brand and business and enrolling customers are your #1 PRIORITY.

But, something is holding you back from showing up with the authority and approachability you want people to know, like, trust and pay for.

Here’s the cure for that.

This FREE masterclass will teach you exactly what you need to know to invite others to work with you, without making you feel like you’re “trying too hard” or worse, doubting yourself – so you can focus on making income and impact quicker, sooner, faster ONLINE. Period.

During this Free Training You Will Learn

The 4 biggest myths being told to you as an expert online business owner – that’s keeping you from attracting and closing ideal customers daily. (no one is talking about this because it keeps you buying from them instead of building your online business!)
The ONE mindset shift that will move you from doubting sharing your expertise online to confidently marketing all of your skills in an on-brand, high-integrity way. (this shift will automatically motivate you to stay in action and consistent, and I give you this exercise in the training so you can apply it immediately!)
The 4 building blocks your expert online business NEEDS in order to attract and close customers on-demand. (the method I teach you will give you the crystal-clear clarity you need to message and market with powerful intention and results!)
How to build a Momentum Map™ – a fool-proof sales funnel system that’s simple and story-driven, so you can build trust with your audience and turn that trust into sales (this proprietary process will turn your expertise into impact and income with certainty!)

Real Results From Past Attendees

This Masterclass is Perfect for You If:

You are a specialist in your industry, and want to create more income offering info-education, consulting and/or coaching packages digitally…

Own a brick and mortar or e-commerce store that wants to build a leveraged online info-business so you never have to worry about world events stopping your income again…

Are an artist or creative, who has a skill to teach and want to stand up an online platform to do so…

Have written a book or are a professional speaker that wants to share your methods beyond the printed page or stage…

Then you are an expert.and you’re in the right place

The Expert Information + Education Industry is THE best and most leverageable one to be a part of now – and works in any economy and can be successful with just a wifi connection and laptop. (I’ll show you how no matter what your background, there’s a niche you can rule online with the right focus!)


I understand what it’s like to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of marketing, sales and other business advice online and on social media – distracting you from the daily paydays you deserve. This masterclass is set up specifically to cut out all of the noise and obstacles keeping you from putting your best self out there, and offering your packages, services and programs with unshakeable confidence. Our mission is to equip you with what it really takes to get rich and recognized for your contribution and expertise.

Your Masterclass Trainer

Jennifer “Jen” Kem has been helping leaders launch their programs and products since 1996 (she’s a seasoned chicken), and is the CEO and founder of Master Brand Institute – the premier online and offline campus of business consultants and coaches exclusively helping experts get seen, heard and paid. We’re highly invested in the success of small business owners and have helped thousands of game changers like you turn your expertise and experience into an online business with offline impact. We value Autonomy, Justice, Generosity, Leadership and Legacy and teach you how to align your income with your values, so you love what you do and help people too. Give Jen a book, anything made by creatives, and a new country to discover and you’ll find her happy place. Most of all, she enjoys QT with her 3 children, “slay-at-home” husband Nathan, and their 4-legged fur babies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Confident Marketing Masterclass

Learn how to successfully market and sell your expertise online with unshakeable confidence (without sacrificing your integrity or values: basically, make life-changing impact and income 100% being you!)